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Mississippi’s Pecan Pie Ranked America’s 17th Favorite Christmas Food

Mississippians know how vital pecan pie is to the holiday season, and apparently, the rest of the country understands why.

According to a recent survey by Christmas.co.uk, pecan pie made in Mississippi is the 17th favorite iconic Christmas food.

“With its high population of pecan trees, it’s no wonder Mississippians transform these nuts into arguably their best holiday version: pecan pie, of course! A true southern classic and traditional festive dessert, this sweet treat combines shelled pecans, corn syrup, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, butter and cinnamon for the filling, which is then encased in pie crust and baked ‘til perfectly set,” the report reads.

Some of the other ranked dishes include Alabama’s crescents, Utah’s green bean casserole, and New Hampshire’s pumpkin pie. The full rankings, as well as an interactive state-by-state map, can be viewed here.

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