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Kayaking From East Beach to Davis Bayou

It was a seventy-degree fall day with little wind, a perfect day to explore Mississippi coastal waters by kayak. On Friday, I went from East Beach in Ocean Springs, and over to Davis Bayou, part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

It is important to be safe when kayaking:

  • tell someone where you are going
  • always wear a life vest
  • bring bottled water
  • be mindful of the weather. The weather can change quickly along the coast, and you don’t want to get caught in a sudden storm.

There is plenty of wildlife to see. And, I took care to stay back from the wild gators in the park. I did happen to pass a speedy otter as it hopped through the water. There were large birds and fish jumping. From the kayak, it was a great view.

In total, I kayaked several miles. It was easy with only a light breeze to slow me down. The sun went in and out with some clouds moving through the sky. I have a state saltwater fishing license, so I decided to bring my rod and have a try at fishing. I did manage to catch a catfish.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast offers some fun kayaking locations. Head out on your own, explore and have a safe adventure.

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