The Musical

The Life of Jesus

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Heaven to Heaven takes you through the journey of Jesus . . . from the Angelic announcement and prophecy of His virgin birth, to his visit at age 12 to the Temple, thru the three short years of His ministry, which ultimately led to His death on that torturous Roman Cross.

But it doesn’t stop there. . .

Where other musicals end with His death on a cross, Heaven to Heaven shares the complete story, celebrating the fact of His resurrection and ascension, leaving the audience filled with hope and inspired to share the Good News with others as the curtains close moments before His ascension.

Starting with writer Austin Vanderzee’s melodies inspired by God, then produced and engineered by elite Nashville veteran Stephen Leiweke, and including a solo song from award-winning international vocalist Steph Carse, Heaven to Heaven’s powerful lyrics support the written text quoted directly from the Bible.

Every song is a step forward in chronological order as we look at His sacrificial life through 21 unforgettable songs that are entertaining, educational, encouraging and evangelistic! 

Heaven to Heaven is born from John 13:3 where Jesus tells His disciples that He had come from His Father, the God of Heaven, and would be returning to be with His Father in Heaven.

Heaven to Heaven contains everything you need to see, hear, know and perform this musical, where audiences will be left to decide if this man named Jesus was more than just another historical religious figure who had some pretty good things to say.   

Performance agreements are available for a full stage cast, or an abridged version for a narrator and a small school chorus or a church choir.